Emma Gersch Training

With over 15 years experience, Emma Gersch Training offers innovative, dynamic and bespoke role-play based training for business, specialising in interpersonal, social and people skills. We work in all settings, and adapt our format and approach to suit.

Latest News:

“Emma Gersch Training is thrilled to have won a year-long contract with Northumbria Law School, and will be supplying role-play actors for trainee Barristers”

About Emma Gersch Training:

I started the company in the year 2000, in tandem with my work in the theatre. It all began when I was invited to devise a workshop for trainee Psychologists at the University of East London. I arrived with a suitcase full of costumes, and a passion for enhancing the training with authentic and illuminating role-play, to enable these students to practise and develop their interpersonal skills. I was struck by the impact of role-play to transform and inspire a group of trainees, who all expressed their feeling of being empowered by the practical experience of role-play.

Fifteen years on, I have had the privilege to work as a creative trainer, facilitator and coach in a diverse range of settings; from the British Red Cross training their crisis response volunteers, to coaching individual corporate executives in positive communication skills. I am able to deliver a tailor-made approach in response to the specific needs of my clients. The suitcase of costumes has been replaced by a first rate team of professional role-play actors, but the initial drive to place the human being at the heart of all that I do, remains the underpinning value and ethos of the company.

Emma Gersch Training offers:

  • A creative training service which aims to make a positive and relevant impact on people’s lives and work
  • A dynamic, engaging and inspirational training experience tailor-made for individuals, teams or whole companies
  • A highly professional, reliable and responsive service
  • A personalized approach; from our first face-to-face meeting to the final delivery
  • Negotiated prices to meet required budgets

Typical areas for training have included:

  • Culture and ethos change within teams and organisations
  • Positive and transformative communication
  • Managing complex challenges in the work place
  • Developing positive relationships
  • Recruitment and interview techniques
  • Crisis and trauma management
  • Development of practical and mediation skills for professionals
  • Handling bullying and harassment